SFH: 2018-11-02 & 03

Highlight: Don’t ever, not ever, no, never, never ever go to Front Royal when the foliage color change is nearing full peak. The roads were congested, there were accidents, and virtually no one knew where they were going. Many of the Lookie Lous were fixated on their GPS screens – “turn left at the retaining wall and then drive off the cliff” – yikes!

Sometimes, there is both humor and terror when you live where many people want to visit. Despite all that, we had a great day working in the yard and driving to the Autumn Terror Town of Front Royal.

On a more peaceful note, this year the cherry tree presented itself in delightful array both at the beginning and the end of the growing year. Thank you, dear cherry tree and thank you to your Creator.

Weather: Heavy rain last night and early this morning. The cloud cover broke and the sun shone through. It was a windy day covering and recovering the deck with leaves. Just a perfect day for working outside.

2018-11-02: High/Low – 68º/51º (Details – click here.)

2018-11-03: High/Low – 53º/44º (Details – click here.)

Plantings: Reporting suspended until the first planting of 2019.

Harvest: Reporting suspended until the first harvest of 2019.

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