SFH Journal: 2018-10-16 through 22 – First Frost

Highlight: There it was on the roof, on the grass, and on the windshields of our cars. The sun rose on the morning of October 19th to the sight of the first frost.  This first frost of the the year brought with it a sense of relief. We at Serendipity Farmhouse are finally relieved from further worry over the ill effects of too much rain. We are relieved from concern about leaf curl, insect invaders, and fungus.

It’s now time to put the gardens to rest and plan for a better growing season next year. We’ll talk about that planning in coming posts.

Weather: First frost came on the morning of October 19th. The first hard frost was on the morning of October 22nd.

2018-10-14: High/Low – 55º/41º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-15: High/Low – 73º/53º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-16: High/Low – 64º/51º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-17: High/Low – 66º/44º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-18: High/Low – 59º/37º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-19: High/Low – 68º/32º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-20: High/Low – 68º/46º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-21: High/Low – 48º/33º (Details – click here.)

2018-10-22: High/Low – 60º/30º (Details – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report

Harvest: Due to the two recent frosts, the okra gave up the ghost and the habaneros suffered damage. The serranos continue on. Meanwhile, the jalapenos remain standing, but without peppers.

2018-10-14: 10 okra pods

2018-10-15: Nothing to report

2018-10-16: Nothing to report

2018-10-17: 6 small okra pods, 1 jalapeno

2018-10-18: Nothing to report

2018-10-19: 4 very small okra pods, 2 jalapenos

2018-10-21: Nothing to report

2018-10-22: Nothing to report

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