SFH Journal: 2018-07-30 & 31

Highlight: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, those are my work days. My job is somewhat different and it has opened up a vast array of variations. I can never say my work is boring. This week, I must say that work was more fun than usual. It was filled with the hunt and pursuit of a devious and hidden target. There were twists and turns, followed by falling into deceptive rabbit holes. At one point, I exclaimed that I had failed. Yet, even as the words came forth from my mouth, there it was! Serendipity!

Once again, I found that what I had pursued was, in fact, a meaningless and useless objective. The item of true value, the pearl of great price was there all along – hiding in plain sight. I felt it, I saw it, I pounced on it. Never, ever let Serendipity allude your grasp.

St. Benedict says “Ora et labora” prayer and work. That was my work week – prayer, work and Serendipity.

Weather: Rain. Puddles. Ponds. This far into Summer, and the rain keeps coming. When we have the big SFH birthday bash later this month, I will have to issue my grandchildren water wings and life preservers. When they go to play Cornhole, I will have to have a certified life guard on duty.

2018-07-30: High – 78º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

2018-07-31: High – 78º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report

Harvest: By this time in any other year, we would be rolling in tomatoes. This year, the whims of nature, heavy rain, cloudy days, bugs, worms, and other maladies have suppressed the tomato crop. Additionally, the Japanese beetles that normally avoid okra plants, have taken a liking to some of our young okra. Perhaps Godzilla should have concentrated on killing the beetles and left Mothra alone. Then we wouldn’t have this plague.

2018-07-30: 3 big tomatoes, 5 okra pods, 6 jalapenos

2018-07-31: 3 cherry tomatoes

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