SHF Journal: 2018-07-18

Highlight: Word is out to the family that sometime in August there will be a birthday bash at Serendipity Farmhouse. At least four birthdays will be celebrated. Beautiful spouse will be among those with a birthday to celebrate. Her age will be roughly equivalent to a seven or eight year old outdoor cat. (Should I say more, my life would be in dire peril.)

Now, this event is not quite as solemn and filled with ritual as an SFH tea party. In fact, this will be a lively affair, held outside most probably on a hot and humid summer day. Little pinkies will not be extended. Nope, we’re going for hot dogs and brats. Kids will be allowed play and absolutely no one is expected to wear a fine hat. It will be all about family.

Soon we will  start a countdown to the bash. I will keep you informed of the planning and preparations.

Weather: Today was simply glorious with low humidity and moderate temperatures.  2018-07-18: High – 80º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report

Harvest: Yesterday, I ended by saying, “Okay, I will chill – – there’s more okra in the garden and family always comes first!” Today, beautiful wife strolled into the vegetable garden and with her magic green thumb and index finger picked eight okra pods. Tomorrow, more of those delectable pods will be harvested. Therefore, the soon to be world famous SFH test kitchen will be filled with the pleasant aroma of okra cooking on the stove. Meanwhile, daughter number two and honorable son-in-law can only wish that the okra would be for them. Life is so very good when I am with my wonderful spouse and my faithful Maine Coon Cat at a dinner table filled with freshly picked, and carefully prepared fried okra. The harvest is bountiful and our thanksgiving is deeply felt.

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  1. Ok. Despite long held misgivings about okra, it’s at least beginning to SOUND yummy.

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