SFH Journal: 2018-07-04 and 05

Highlight: The 4th of July – Independence Day- it was a gift from God, but our forefathers had to fight and shed their blood to secure that gift for us. We at Serendipity Farmhouse cherish the 4th of July and all that it represents.

Our children do their own things on the 4th – that’s because they have grown, left the nest, and are now themselves independent. Each of them strives to pass on the values that made our country great.

So, our dear friend Nancy came to join us for traditional burgers, watermelon, and ice cream. Despite the heat wave, the meaning of the day and the sacrifices made stood out and gave us pause to reflect on the meaning of “freedom”.

The next day, three generations of the most delightful and charming ladies gathered to enjoy their regular luncheon. Each time they meet, there is a special theme. This time, because of the extreme heat, the theme most naturally had to be fans. So what if it’s 90º, the joy of being together and sharing lunch and laughs at SFH far outweighs the discomforts.

Weather: The heat wave continues. Granny is getting really grumpy now. So is Monte. So are I.

2018-07-04: High – 91º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

2018-07-05: High – 90º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report.

Harvest: Five cherry tomatoes announced that they were ready for picking. Beautiful wife gladly obliged.

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