SFH Journal: 2018-04-30

Weather: A perfect day for moving dirt (yippee – finally the dirt pile is gone) and trimming sections of the lawn. (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Daily Highlight: Bill, his friend Rob, and their combined skills arrived bright and early. They power washed the deck and painted the front porch. They will be back on Wednesday to stain the deck. [I hope to post a ‘Bill Skills’ item this week or next.]

All Hands on Deck: Time available for writing has been severely curtailed recently. The warm weather is coming and this old farmhouse has no air conditioning. Ergo – heavy work and Spring cleaning need to be done before the heat and humidity arrive. There are other reasons for the push to complete the cleaning chores this week. We will explain them in an upcoming post call “Ruffles & Flourishes”.

Plantings: My sweet bride with the green thumb planted two basil plants in the herb garden.

Harvest: Nothing to report.

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