Spring Snowfall at Serendipity

Happy Spring-01
A “Happy Spring” at SFH

Time stands still during a Spring snowfall. Chores are put on hold. Preparations for planting come to a halt. There are no trips to the store. A pleasant quiet underscores meals and conversation. A Spring snowfall is just what we needed.

Certainly for some, Winter Storm Toby is disrupting life, causing damage, and frustrating travelers.

Happy Spring-02
A void where hollies used to be

Four Nor’easters so close together cannot be counted as welcome events. Even as we look west from the front porch of Serendipity, the view has changed. Now there are two voids where our holly trees used to be. Winter Storm Riley uprooted them and now Toby shows us how empty and lacking in color is that side of Serendipity.

Happy Spring-04
A brief moment in just a single day

Despite the concern and frustrations of the day, Serendipity continues to be the answer to the prayer we should have prayed. A walk along our river reveals the better side of life. If it snows today, then let that be a reason to reflect on the beauty in a single snowflake, or in countless millions of snowflakes.

If chores have been put on hold because of a Spring snowfall, how can that be a bad thing? The garden covered with snow can be captivating in its serenity. Likewise, that pile of dirt remaining to be moved to the garden boxes brings humorous thoughts to mind. Yes, just as with me, even a pile of dirt can have a day of rest when there is a Spring snowfall at Serendipity Farmhouse.

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