SFH Plantings 2018-05: Humdrum Statistics

Even Mr. Monte fell asleep after reading this post.

There, how’s that for a catchy, interest capturing title? It sucked you right in, didn’t it? Well, I had to use high-pressure tactics because there’s so much to tell you.

Humdrum Statistic 1 – D-Day +16: Yes, I’ve been moving dirt. In between windstorms, cold spells, infirmity, and a hundred other things that would have deterred a lesser man, I have moved dirt. Lots of dirt? Well, maybe not so much, but at least some dirt is where it wasn’t before. And I’m darned proud of the fact that I’ve only encountered one Lesson Learned in the process.

Lesson Learned 06: If a panel on your garden box is warped, don’t attempt to straighten it by applying undue pressure with your foot. Over time, these panels not only warp, they also become brittle.

Yes, dang it, I broke one. – – – Cost for replacement box $38 something.  Why buy one box when you can get two (probably my dumb idea)? What about shipping? No, it’s not free. Bottom line – my heavy, booted foot cracked the panel and it cost me $109.00.

Humdrum Statistic 2 – Multiple Hours of Sleeplessness: Wonderful, sweet spouse caught some terrible disease from yours truly. I’m recovering. She’s not. The other night she coughed for hours. I lost precious hours of sleep. Thankfully, wife finally fell asleep. I blissfully fell into a deep slumber … for about three minutes. Eighteen pound, spoiled, monster of a Maine Coon cat began to snore loudly. Zero hours of sleep for me that night.

Humdrum Statistic 3 – The Relative Weight of Dirt: The relative weight of dirt (mass is a different matter) increases when one is sick and sleep deprived. I have been both. Consequently, the relative weight of the total of six cubic yards of dirt to be moved is now roughly equal to what it would be on Jupiter. (That would be Weight on Jupiter= (Weight on Earth/9.81m/s2) * 24.79m/) Yes, when you’re sick, sleep deprived, and have to move a lot of dirt, you think about these things a lot.

Humdrum Statistic 4 – SFH 2017 Plantings: All of the above was a lead in for presentation of the official list of vegetables and herbs planted at SFH during 2017. (You can view this very humdrum list at SFH 2017 Plantings.) We hope to do better this year. The only way to gauge that, however, is by keeping a set of “Humdrum Statistics”. There, now you know why I really chose the title.



5 thoughts on “SFH Plantings 2018-05: Humdrum Statistics”

  1. Hmm, I would think twice before buying more dirt next year, also keep foot planted on ground😀a new pair of shoes would have been better than another box. Beside the cost of the box how much work will that involve?
    I shouldn’t spoil your fun right!

    1. Good advice! I will remove dirt from next year’s budget. I can’t promise to keep my feet on the ground. Foolish, spontaneous actions seem to be a part of my modus operandi. One of the two new boxes is already in place. The second box will be in place next week. No, please don’t spoil my fun with great suggestions. I like surprising myself.

  2. A penny here, a penny there- makes one a millionaire. I do believe the losing of the pennies would result in the opposite fortune, however. At least that’s what I have observed.

    Think before you step!

    Did any trees get hugged? 😉

    1. There was no need this time. There were no witnesses. In proper Lenten spirit I offered it up. The trees, however, are asking if I still “care” for them as I once did. The next tree I see will be hugged with great affection.

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