SFH Plantings 2018-03: D-Day

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As of February 28th, we were still dirt poor. (See SFH Plantings 2018-02: Dirt Poor)  In fact, after I filled out the check and gave it to the truck driver, we were even poorer. Yes, that was D-Day (Dirt Day). We are now the proud owners of three cubic yards of genuine Rappahannock County top soil – or, at least that’s what they said it was. At least it’s not store-bought expensive dirt, yuppie dirt, or millionaire’s dirt – just good old Rappahannock dirt.

So there it is waiting to be moved. But ….. – The National Weather service is now predicting:

////* WINDS…Northwest 25 to 40 mph with gusts around 60 to 70 mph.
The strongest winds are expected to occur Friday morning.///

This forecast gives a whole new meaning to “dirt poor”. Where will our dirt be after the wind has died down?

2 thoughts on “SFH Plantings 2018-03: D-Day”

  1. I could use some over here…actually, I’m a little concerned about the straw and grass seed that was just applied to the lower yard. If you find any extra straw flying past, could you snag it?

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