SFH Plantings

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May 2015 – Our first Spring planting

Planting with a Plan: All of  2014 was dedicated to getting Serendipity Farmhouse into order. There was no time for vegetable or herb gardens. By Spring of 2015, we were ready to try our hand at gardening. Since then, we have learned from mistakes, tried new varieties, and developed methods for assuring greater success. One of those methods is to document when we plant, what we plant, what worked, and what did not. Some of what we planted and what we learned can be found by following the links below:

Record of Plantings 2017

Record of Plantings 2018

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Planting with a Patron: We have chosen St. Isidore the Farmer as the patron for

Hüttau ( Salzburg / Austria ). Parish church: Saint Isidore the Labourer

Serendipity Farmhouse gardens. So, it is only natural to seek his help when it comes to planting in our vegetable garden. Here is a brief description of St. Isidore and his virtuous life.

St. Isidore, patron saint of farmers, was himself a farmer born in the city of Madrid, Spain, about the year 1110; His chief appeal is to those who, as he did, work the land. But his good qualities–whole-hearted trust in God, his enthusiasm and vigor in doing his job, his spirit of prayer and devotion to religious practice–these can profitably be admired and imitated by all laboring men, …

CatholicCulture.org: Catholic Prayer: Prayer to Saint Isidore the Farmer, Patron of Countrymen