SFH Lessons Learned

The simple fact is lessons learned are not really learned if one does not act upon them. So, let’s consider what we learned here at Serendipity Farmhouse and how we have acted upon what we learned:

Here are lessons learned in 2018:

LL-01: Add a jar of instant coffee to our emergency supplies. We have a percolator coffee pot and a can of Bustelo, but instant coffee require less water. (See this and this.)

LL-02: Filling in my journal of events I, of course, longed for my laptop. Yet, upstairs we have this beautiful old Hermes manual typewriter. If I only had a ribbon for it, I would have greatly enjoyed typing out our experiences. (See this and this.)

LL-03: While hooking up extension cords, never make a mess on the kitchen counters. Wife is OCD and gets very upset. (See this and this.)

LL 04: If you live at SFH, always use Idaho potatoes. Bad things happen to people who would attempt to smuggle in some other kind. (See this.)

LL 05: When in Rome do as … When in Idaho, go with the fry sauce. (See this.)

LL 06: If a panel on your garden box is warped, don’t attempt to straighten it by applying undue pressure with your foot. Over time, these panels not only warp, they also become brittle. (See this.)

LL07: This family cannot, in any manner, way, shape, or form, afford a new Class C RV. (See this.)

LL08: The purchase of a used Class C RV is fraught with a frustratingly long list of unhappy and seemingly unacceptable tradeoffs. (See this.)