SFH 2022 – Preserving – Food for Tomorrow

This is a complete listing of all types of food preserving during the 2022 season:

Date: Month/DayItemQuantityType of PreservationComments
07-03Green Beans3 8-ounce bagsFreezing
07-08Okra, Pickled1 quart jarRefrigerated
07-25Okra2 bagsFreezing
07-25Salsa6 pint jarsCanningHoppin' Hab
1 Jalapeno, 2 Habanero
07-29Okra, Pickled4 pint jarsCanning
07-30Pasta Sauce6 pint jarsCanningNew & Improved
2 clove garlic, Italian spice
08-02Jalapeno Peppers, Pickled4 half pint jarsCanning
08-03Jalapeno Peppers, Pickled5 half pint jarsCanning
08-05Salsa6 pint jarsCanningSFH TK Test #01
1 Habanero, 1 Jalapeno, 2 Serrano, 1/2 Poblano
08-05Salsa6 pint jarsCanningSFH TK Test #02
2 Habanero, 1 Serrano, 1/2 Poblano
08-07Okra, Pickled4 pint jarsCanning
08-11Salsa6 pint jarsCanningSFH TK Test #03
3 Serrano, 1 large Jalapeno (half seeds removed)
08-13Tomatoes4 11 oz. bagsFreezing
08-19Okra2 bagsFreezing
08-23Tomatoes3 1 lb. 6 oz. bagsFreezing
08-25Okra1 quart jarFermenting
08-26Tomato Jam5 1/2-pint jarsCanning
08-30Okra1 pint jarDehydratingw/ kosher salt
08-30Tomatoes3 1 lb. 7 oz.Freezing
09-06Okra1 pint jarDehydratingw/ pink Himalayan salt
09-11Dill Seeds1 packetStoring
09-11Green Beans2 pint jarsPicklingSpicy Dilly Beans
09-11Green Beans2 pint jarsPicklingDilly Beans
09-12Okra3 bagsFreezing
09-13Sage1 pint jarDehydrating
09-17Tomatoes2 1 lb. 8 oz.Freezing
09-23Okra1 bagFreezing
09-24Tomatoes2 1-lb. bagsFreezing
09-27Habanero Peppers1 pint jarDehydrating
09-27Habanero Peppers1/4 pint jarDehydrating
09-27Jalapeno Peppers1 pint jarDehydrating
10-05Okra2 bagsFreezing
10-28Oregano1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-06Jalapenos1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-08Tarragon1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-10Sage1 pint jarDehydrating
11-12Rosemary1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-15Tarragon1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-20Oregano1/2 pint jarDehydrating
11-29Garlic1 pint jarWine preserved
11-29Garlic1 pint jarFermenting