Daring Dairy



There are benefits to being the proud owners of half a goat (actually a half share in the output of a herd of goats). After we overcame our concerns (read that as fear) we decided to make fresh chevre (goat milk cheese). It’s a relatively easy thing to do and it tastes delicious. My hubby also appreciates the fact that it is cheaper than buying commercially made chevre. There is a great deal of difference between fresh homemade and store bought – the spices add a lot. In this case, after we took the cheese out of the mold we rolled it in herbs de provence. That’s it, no artificial additives or preservatives. Yum!

SFH Food 2018-01: Mom’s Pimento Cheese

SFH Food 2018-04: Julia, Butter & Serendipity Farmhouse

SFH Food 2018-05: Goat milk cheese? – No, not just yet.

SFH Food 2018-06: Goat milk cheese? – Yes, now!