Farmhouse History

You may have some questions about the who, where, and how of our little farmhouse. So did we. And like many of you who may have researched your ancestry, we have found that answering these questions is fraught with dead ends, delays, and detours. So as we build this history page, you can join along with us as we undertake our study.

We have talked to many neighbors and local residents who have been here in Rappahannock County for some time. They were able to give us useful but unfortunately incomplete background. Still having questions, we went to our local historical society and commissioned a study. Now, we have an outline of the history going back to roughly 1634. Despite having over 200 pages of records and maps, we’re still trying to fill in important details. For example, Who was the builder of our house and precisely when was it built?

Where is SFH? – It’s located on the West bank of the North Fork of the Thornton River, just before it joins the Thornton River.

When was SFH built? – Circa 1927 [That’s the best answer so far. We will have to go to the the tax records to resolve this question.]

Who built SFH? – Possibly some builder named Carpenter from Culpeper, VA. [Try Googling that and see what you get.]

See what I mean, it’s not always that easy to uncover the past.

From here, we will provide details and fill in the gaps. If we find short cuts or learn how to access public records in a better way, we will share those insights with you. Whenever we uncover an interesting story, we will post it and try to add some life and color to the historical bare bones.

How it all began – What were we thinking?