Why Do We Live in Sperryville?

“Why do we live in Sperryville?” – That’s a question we’ve been asked quite often. In fact, it’s a question we ask ourselves from time-to-time. Why would we want to abandon our grand view of the majestic Snake River Plain and the mountains beyond? What was there in Virginia, especially in a remote place like Rappahannock County, that would cause us to leave our large, modern home in Idaho and move here? – Let’s see if we can unravel this counterintuitive tale and provide a satisfactory answer.

farmhouse history

Hi! Ol’ Fuzz Face here.

Well, you might not have guessed it, because this the first time I’ve ever done this. How would you know it’s Farmhouse History Time? But here we are together, so let’s make this an opportunity for us to have a little chat about our move to Serendipity Farmhouse.

Over the coming months, this will be our time together to answer your questions over a cup of coffee or tea. I’m so fascinated by your questions because they almost always end with: “What were you thinking?” – Answering that question always is the lead-in to an interesting story.

A Partial Answer

If you’re impatient and just want a quick and simple answer to the question posed today, just go and read How it all began – What were we thinking? But there’s a whole lot more to it than what we said in that post. So, let’s go back and look at a couple of things.

Idaho – The Beautiful, Beautiful Mountains & Rivers

I could easily post a thousand pictures of the mountains and national parks in Idaho and Wyoming. The pictures of sunsets taken from our deck would leave you silent in awe. The mountains states are God’s country, especially where we lived. Take a look at us in places that were no more than just a short drive from our home.

Most people know the Tetons from pictures taken in Wyoming. But my dear Miss Blondie couldn’t help but being entranced by views like this from the Idaho Side.

By the way, this was pretty much the same view I had during my 15-minute commute home from work each day.

Few tourists know of the entrances to Yellowstone Park from the Idaho side. But my beautiful Spouse and I liked to explore and find places like Cave Falls. What could be better than this in Sperryville?

The Kitchen of Our Dreams

We frequently say that in Idaho we had the house of our dreams. But Serendipity Farmhouse is the house of our realities. Here we can see Chef Blondie wishing a fond farewell to the kitchen of her dreams.

How could an old farmhouse kitchen in Sperryville ever match this?

Wonderful Dreams vs. Amazing Realities

If you read our post How it all began – What were we thinking?, you know that we missed our children. Even more, we were deeply distraught that we were missing time with our grandchildren, who were growing older without us there to share with them. – Although we loved it, our house in Idaho wasn’t really our home.

Why we live here

Look at this picture a second time. It shows Sperryville as seen from Tunnel Parking Overlook on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. From an elevation of 2,510 feet, off in the distance, at the base of Turkey Mountain, you might be able to see a small section of Sperryville. If you squint, you might even see a small farmhouse there too.

Now if you are deeply perceptive, and if you’ve been following my tale closely, you will notice that there is something quite conspicuously absent from this picture. Yes, something very important that most certainly should be there is missing. – What might that be?

What was missing from our Picture of Sperryville?

We were!! – But not any longer. Because this is now the home of our realities.

3 thoughts on “Why Do We Live in Sperryville?”

  1. You two were here long enough to DO what the Spirit had in mind. Thanking HIM for that. Now the beautiies of the Shenendoah (I will have to look up spelling but later!) Valley are enjoyed by us too. As you mentioned though, the family benefits from your presence in Virginia. And nothing more important than that I think.
    Missing you both but your friendship lives on in my heart and memory. Mary

    1. Mary our sweet and dear friend,
      We miss you too.Idaho has so many special memories for us.Your friendship will also live on in our hearts.God is so very Good!

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