Onward with Our Farmhouse Life

This is our Anniversary Week. It is our tradition to keep anniversaries low profile. We make this our time to be together here in the home God chose for us. We were made for each other and this old farmhouse was made for us. So, it is only right that the central focus of our anniversary week is the twofold desire to recommit ourselves to each other and to move onward with our farmhouse life.

And what does it mean to move onward?

Well, it most certainly doesn’t mean what Mr. Monte implied in his recent post – Serendipity Farmhouse Blog Upgrade – What You Need to Know. His mistaken perception is that his “two big cats are running around like their hair is on fire.”

What Mr. Monte thought he saw and what was actually taking place were two entirely different things. He thought he saw a frenzy of activity and panic. What actually was happening was our methodical preparation for the coming warm weather season.

Whatever my dear Wife and I do, we do together. When Spring arrives, together we plan for the seasonal changes brought about by warm temperatures and longer days. This is a serious business. Necessarily, our work pace accelerates and our planning sessions intensify. There is no time to dilly. Nor is there any time to dally.

Of course, from the vantage point of a grumpy, old Maine Coon cat, our heightened level of activity might be viewed as disordered and chaotic. But no, our hair was not on fire. Everything was under control – well, for the most part, everything was under control.

Serendipity Farmhouse Warm Weather Season Plan

While some plans still need to be drawn up, dearest Blondie and I have identified three primary areas of interest for the 2023 warm weather season. We say Warm Weather Season because, in this part of Virginia, warm weather extends from mid-Spring into mid-Autumn.

Many of our future posts will discuss these aspects of our farmhouse life. You will have the opportunity to join us as we try out new strategies and various techniques. Perhaps you might help us out by making some comments and giving us useful pointers based on your own personal experience.

Farmhouse Gardens

We added two raised beds to our farmhouse gardens last year and we experimented with 10 tomato varieties. This year, we will focus on four favored tomato varieties. We will reduce the number of okra plants and increase the number of green beans. Also, we intend to expand our selection of herbs.

New Test Kitchen Adventure – Bread Making

onward with our farmhouse life

The soon-to-be-world-famous Serendipity Farmhouse Test Kitchen is moving into the world of bread making from scratch. Since New Year’s, we’ve been milling our own wheat, experimenting with ancient grains, and bringing our own sourdough starter to life. We will show you how it’s done.

RV Season 2023

On March 21st, I removed the cover from El Camino Del Monte, our Class-C RV, and announced the official start of the 2023 SFH RV season. Our first trip is booked and we have tentatively planned an interstate trip for later on. This year, we will hook up solar panels and increase our boondocking capabilities. Come along for the ride.


Serendipity Farmhouse is just a little place in Virginia. Our Warm Weather Season is very hot and extremely humid. Some days, we won’t want to work in the Farmhouse Gardens. Likewise, our Test Kitchen will be uncomfortable when we’re making bread. Even El Camino Del Monte, with its air conditioner running, will be less than enjoyable under the hot Summer sun. – This is all part of our farmhouse life.

But none of that really matters too much. Just as we do during our Anniversary Week, we strive to make every day our special time to be together here in the home God chose for us. Work in the Farmhouse Gardens might be hard, but we benefit greatly from our labor. The Test Kitchen might be overly hot when we’re baking or canning, but the brief discomfort provides us nourishing meals all year round. And of course, our RV provides us the means to retreat from everyday cares and worries.

We would be foolish to ask for anything more than He has already given us.

Happy Anniversary, Blondie!!

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