Last Things & Lasting Things

Autumn surrounds us now. It’s only natural to pause and reflect during this time of year. What is Autumn’s meaning and message? We all seek after the ‘truth’ in this season, but all too often it seems to be hidden or distorted. We hear some say they have ‘their truth’ and you have ‘your truth’. Because words mean something, we here at Serendipity Farmhouse reject that notion. Truth cannot be two different things at one time. Instead, we seek after truth by way of perspective – the proper perspective. And what might that proper perspective be?

V. Requiescant in pace. R. Amen

The Last Four Things are death, judgment, heaven, hell. On November 2nd each year, this point is made abundantly clear on the Feast of All Souls. The sequence “Dies Irae” reminds us of the “Day of wrath and doom impending.” – This is not only truth, this is inescapable truth. This is the proper perspective that leads us here at SFH to say “Pray, Prepare, Preserve.” That is because, as have gone the souls before us, so too shall we go.

Off to Fetch the Mail

For dearest Wife and me these days, a walk to the mailbox is not just a walk. It is an Autumn adventure. There’s so much to see and enjoy along the way.

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The Harvest Blessings Continue

Another first for Serendipity Farmhouse this year will be preserving our own Tarragon. We will use it in a variety of recipes, including salad dressings, sauces, and fish and chicken dishes. This herb is commonly used in French cooking. So, we will have to consult with Julia Child when making our next menu.

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SFH is under attack!

Recently, my beautiful Spouse declared to the Facebook world:

SFH is under attack!
We have a nasty racoon that keeps leaving his scat on our front porch by the door. –
We have cleaned and it keeps coming back.
Anyone have some solutions?

Guided by the nearly infallible words of wisdom offered by Mr. Monte, the SFH Chief of Security, the porch was cleared, cleaned, and sanitized – twice. Every square inch was sprayed with Repels-All liquid; the entire perimeter was covered with Repels-All granules; packets of mothballs were strategically fastened to porch furniture; and mothballs were also wedged under the door jam. A close viewing of this photo will reveal some of our countermeasures.

We Continue …

Although the “Day of wrath and doom impending” is ever foremost in our thoughts, we must continue. We must continue to mark the passage of time with hopeful prayer; continue to prepare for whatever may come; and preserve all that is good.

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