A Serendipitous Meeting

Oftentimes, unfamiliar cars come down our private lane. More often than not the drivers have made a mistaken turn. The cars then proceed down the lane only to find they are not where they thought. – – GPS directions are never to be fully trusted.

Sometimes, however, the driver knows more about where they are than we do. Today, this was the case. And this, dear reader, was the occasion for a most serendipitous meeting.

As I walked towards the unfamiliar vehicle, ready to provide directions to the local attractions, I was met by a most unexpected revelation. The two charming ladies sitting in the front seats represented two generations of a family that had lived in Serendipity Farmhouse many years before. Today was an important day to them, the birthday of a beloved husband and father.

Blondie and I were fascinated by their story of how the farmhouse had been renovated many years ago. They were equally interested to hear about what had been done here by a number of successive occupants.


No, what took place in our driveway today was no mere chance meeting. It was, in fact, most serendipitous.

To the fine gentleman of fond memory, who did so much for this little farmhouse – Sir, may you have a most blessed and happy birthday!

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  1. That was me (Jackie Settle Tederick) and my mom (Mary Settle) along with Kade my 7 year old son. Today is my Dad’s (Fred Settle) 84th birthday. Mom, my son and I visited dad’s grave site at the Sperryville Cemetery today. Dad left us in August of 2017. It has been very difficult for our family as we miss him more than words can describe. After leaving the cemetery I think Dad arranged for us to end up in the familiar lane that led us to the Serendipity Farmhouse. Reminiscing about the house that built me with its current owner was just what we needed today. Thank you for letting us invade your property as I’m sure you have people that wander down your lane all the time. When I was kid you knew everyone that came down the lane. It was usually my cousins that lived at the top of the lane coming down to play on the dirt basketball court Dad had at the corner of the property by the river, skip rocks on the river, or cross the river to Mr. Miller’s property and walk up to Turkey Mountain. I could feel Dad in my heart today- thank you so much!

    1. We enjoyed this serendipitous moment in so many ways. The license plate was 1932 and not 1936. No matter, it stays in its place over the door in our bedroom forever. Thank you and hope to see you again.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Jackie, I’m a relative of the current Serendipity occupants. Thanks so much for posting. What a beautiful home! If you have any photos from those days when you were living there of the house and property that you would be willing to share, I know we’d all love to see them and/or have copies. Happy birthday to your dad! My dad died this year, also at 84. It sure is hard! Glad you got to see the house today and that it brought comfort!

    I love the two Serendipity pictures! They belong in a magazine about awesome farm houses!

  3. What a beautiful story, you two were meant to be there this beautiful day to welcome them back and share there tearsM
    Enjoy love you guys Caroline

  4. I am also a previous owner. We lived there for 10 years and there wasn’t a surface we didn’t touch.
    We also had visitors who had lived there previously and we loved hearing stories of the 12 children growing up there.

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