Happy Anniversary, Serendipity!!

Hi! Blondie here.

What were we thinking six years ago today???

No sooner than we had closed on the sale of our beautiful house in Idaho and signed the papers making what would become Serendipity Farmhouse our own, we got the news that we had to hit the road immediately. Winter storms taunted us and plagued us all the way across Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, and my beloved Virginia.

What a trip. We did it all because we wanted, no, we really needed to be with our children and our grandchildren.

God is very good! May He continue to bless this little farmhouse and all who enter it!

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Serendipity!!”

    1. Happy Anniversary. Six years ago, we left our beloved Texas for Virginia because we, too,needed to be near our chidren and grandchildren. Virginia has been good and welcoming so no regrets. Life seems to be filled with deciding the least traumatic direction on a road. which refuses to give up its’ mysterious secrets about what lies beyond the next curve.

  1. Yes, dear friends, I vividly remember meeting you at Holy Rosary…coming in for a last visit before the adventure. the snow was deep and looked challenging but somehow, with HIS help all turned out so well. Miss you very much but…look what you have now!!!!! God is so good. Mary

  2. And I was so glad to get you back here (apologies to the dear friends in Idaho and that beautiful home). Nevertheless, this little house fits you so well, warm and welcoming and somehow always new.

    1. I meant to say my above comment here but it applies to both, here goes again….

      Good “move”, I’d say.

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