My Big Cats Got it Done!

Monte-wood_stove Old Fuzz Face left me in charge of the blog this week. That was certainly a mistake on his part. So, let yours truly, Mr. Monte, tell you this story the way it should be told.

In this picture you can plainly see that by my second year, I had developed a meaningful relationship with the Serendipity Farmhouse wood stove. Old Fuzz Face and Blondie quickly learned that, if they stoked the wood stove regularly and kept the temperature sufficiently warm, I would be a happy cat.

If, however, they got lazy and just ran the propane furnace, this old house would be drafty, cold, and generally unpleasant. Needless to say, but it’s worth saying anyway, if I’m feeling unpleasant, they will pay the price. Consider for a second the meaning of the phrase “tooth and nail” and apply it in the context of an unhappy, 20 pound Maine Coon cat.

DSC_0663 (2)

This year, at my behest, my big cats ordered two cords of firewood. When it was delivered, I noticed that Old Fuzz Face merely looked at the beautiful pile of potential warmth for the winter and then went on about his business. He didn’t even lift a finger to move that wood immediately to its proper place to dry and season. Blondie wasn’t much better. She kept on picking okra, baking bread, and vacuuming floors. Somewhat uncharacteristically, she didn’t even nag Fuzz Face to get on with this most important task.

Showing their laziness, Fuzz Face and Blondie tried to use the old Tom Sawyer ploy – get the family over here to move the wood. They went so low as to use guilt and extortion. See SFH Journal: 2018-09-29 through 2018-10-02 – I was ashamed to even be associated with Fuzz Face, much less admit that he was one of my big cats.

Oh, then one day, Fuzz Face nearly freaked out when he saw that Tropical Storm Michael was brewing and fixing to head our way. Panic was in his voice and he quickly sent out an urgent post to the whole extended family. “Help!”, he screamed. “All the firewood is going to wash away!”

1009181557h (2)See SFH Journal: 2018-10-03 through 07 to witness first hand how pitiful and undignified was his plea for help. He became a raving “Chicken Little”. He immediately, put on his work clothes and forced Blondie to do the same. Fuzz Face pulled out the lawn tractor and wood cart and forced his dear, sweet, and fragile wife to load wood. Nearly, four hours he spent working that poor woman nearly to death.

1009181557 (2)

Fortunately for me and Blondie, SFH has some real friends who came to the rescue the next day. Daughter #1, son-in-law #1, and granddaughter #1, in a calm and collected fashion traveled nearly 25 miles to SFH. They saved the day and they save my beloved big cat Blondie from overwork.

1009181557_HDR (2)

They worked calmly and efficiently. Granddaughter #1 found fascinating fungus and mushroom growths on the wood. Avoiding spiders and centipedes, she found other critters in the midst of the wood pile that aroused great interest and awe. She and her parents demonstrated the true SFH family spirit.

So, yesterday, the wood that promises to bring me a warm and cozy winter, was all transported to the shed and stored until needed. Daughter #1’s family now holds a much higher place in my warm and fuzzy feline heart – I highly esteem them.

My big cats got it done!

Fuzz Face, however, will be served justice during the coming winter. You can be sure that when the wood stove starts to grow cold, I will force that lazy lout to go out to the shed and bring back wood sufficient to serve my needs.


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