El Camino Del Monte – Shakedown Cruise

0806181228a (2)About seven hours ago, we three weary travelers pulled back into our driveway at Serendipity Farmhouse after completing a two-day shakedown cruise of the good RV “El Camino Del Monte.” It was a brutal test of a Class-C RV and all it’s associated systems such as plumbing, electrical, and environmental control equipment. More than that, however, it was the first test of character and determination of two greenhorn human RVers, and a high-strung, twenty-pound Maine Coon cat.

Many, many, many lessons were learned by the three crew members of El Camino Del Monte. But, for right now, let’s just say the most important lessons were perseverance and developing reliance on one another in the face of a series of taxing and emotionally draining challenges.

The Bottom Line: Despite a few minor glitches, El Camino Del Monte, passed its shakedown cruise with flying colors. More importantly, the three travelers persevered and overcame all challenges.

Join us over the next week or two as we recount our  shakedown cruise experiences.

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