Breakfast with Tiffany

DSC_0383Friday evening, while washing dishes, we spotted her. She was a magnificent sight, all charm and grace, arrayed in her faintly iridescent plumage. She was very large and her stride was imposing yet cautious. She had made the journey to our neck of the woods and decided to join us here at Serendipity Farmhouse, at least for these last four days.

Mr. Monte has been very accepting of the new guest. Unlike the way he reacts to squirrels or other cats in the yard, he has remained calm and only slightly curious.

Our topnotch, Maine Coon security guard explained to me that the new arrival is no threat whatsoever. In fact, she should be welcomed. In addition to her natural diet of leaves, grasses, fruits, and berries, our new guest loves to eat deer ticks. Here in Virginia this eating habit would make most any such critter a welcomed guest.

Mr. Monte went on to advise me that, should I wish to speak to her, her proper name is Tiffany, Tiffany Turkey. With that knowledge in mind, I went out to the deck with my camera in hand; addressed her as advised; and requested that Miss Tiffany pose for a couple of pictures. She was so taken with my good manners and use of her proper name that she posed, as you can see in my photo, in a most fascinating way.

So, these last several mornings we have watched Miss Tiffany roaming about the yard eating from the delectable selection of foods that interest a turkey. It was very apparent and she affirmed to us that the mulberries falling from the tree near the woodshed were her favorite.

Despite the rain and concerns about our garden, we at SFH were blessed with the opportunity to enjoy breakfast with Tiffany.

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  1. In late November you can have a Thanksgiving breakfast with Tiffany.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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